day 3

Our day started in Medemblik, Netherlands, where Alex, Simon and Me went to the supermarket Spar on the mainstreet, wehere we bought some food like parmesan, bread, eggs or other stuff like milk or a lighter. Wbought the lighter for our gas stove. Mr Fässler had forgotten a lilghter and so he used Timon’s lighter everytime. After we had bought everything, we returned with a cart, which I borrowed from the supermarket. We brought everything to the kitchen where some other classmates waited for us. While we arrived, Mr Fässler was on the way to buy some medicine, because a girl was ill. Before we left Medemblik, all of us had some freetime. Simon, Baturay and I went back to the supermarket and returned the cart. Alex and Peter waited for me on the boat and later we went to a playground to take some pictures and have some fun. Later, we set sails and went to sea.


At 13.15 we arrived and the captain told us something about Lemmer, wehere the city is or some supermarkets. Alex, Peter, Pascal an me went to Lidl first, where we bought something to drink. After that we went downtown. I was searching for shorts and so we visited literally every store but seemingly all the shorts were sold out. But then I fount one. We sat down on a bench in front of the river. We met other classmates which bought some ice-cream and everone had one. Before we met the others, Alex bought a new bluetooth loudspeaker and went back to the boat. There, everyone was so excited about the speaker, that half the class bought one, too. After us, our teacher arrived, but he couldn’t open the door to the boat, because Mrs Müller had them. But I had the glorious idea to ask the captain for a key and he had on, so we could enter. The girls, Mr Fässler, Mortiz and I prepared dinner. Spaghetti carbonara where on today’s menue. Mr Fässler added a “little” bit too much pepper and so the food was a little bit too hot. Thank you for that, Mr Fässler. After that, the boys played cards like ever other day. So everone had his sparetime. The gilrs, moritz and me went to the playground at Lemmer, where we played Truth or Dare till it was 11 o’clock. Mr Fässler had to look for us, but he found us. Later everybody played cards. And so ended the third day in the Netherlands.


Abel, 15.

our teachers

Our teachers of the trip

We started our journey on the 16th of September by taking the bus. Apart of our group were our English teacher Mr. Fässler and our maths and chemistry teacher Mrs M. In the bus, Mr Fässler wanted to count the students, but in the end Mrs Müller had to do that job because Mr Fässle rcounted wrong twice. on our boat “Radboud”, Mr Fässler  was allowed to control the whip, whil Mrs Müller motivated the students to work on the ship – and one time she even helped. Together the teacher planned, on what time the students had to be back on the ship, what we had to buy in the supermarket and the birthday party (read about it on another article). But they didn’t decide, where we were sailing. That depended on the wind. Mr Fässler helped cooking and preparing breakfast. While we were sailing, Mrs M. was tanning her skin and got sunburned. On September 21st we were traveling back home by bus and Mr Fässler failed again to count the students. Mrs Müller had to do the job againg. we were all thankful, that the teachers were with us on this trip.


Amelie, 15