Returning the boat

Urk -> Enkhuizen

Thursday morning we left the harbor very late, because the kitchen sink drain was congested.

Our last sail tour to Enkhuizen was very short. When we arrived at the port in Enkhuizen, I had to bring the returnable bottles to the supermarket, after that I was eating at McDonald’s. In Enkhuizen was funfair with horse race and much more, that’s why there was a big firework near our applying place. We had a great view.



Enkhuizen is the port of registry of our sailing ship, the ‘Radboud’, and the home of our skipper’s family. The local community is situatedin the west of the Ijsselmeer near the Markerwaarddjik, a dam in the south of the Ijsselmeer.About 18.500 people live in Enkhuizen. The most popular building is the Drommedaris, a weir gate from the year 1540. Other well-knownbuildings include the churches Zuiderkerk and Westerkerk.

Florian, 15DSC09970

What I love about sailing

bdrWhat I love about sailing is that you can just relax and have fun with your friends or even make new ones. It also is a lot of fun to see the waves breaking at the front of the boat, the spray, getting a little bit wet. Seeing the wind blowing into the sails and feeling the boat roll and the wind sweep at your cheek. Helping your classmates or friends pulling the ropes to lift the sails or tying knots. Sleeping ton the boat and being rocked to sleep every evening is nice. However, being woken up by your friends in the morning by loud music was sometimes disturbing. Cooking with each other and doing competitions is fun. Bing in a new town every day and trying their special food and getting to kneo new people is very interesting, too. To put it all in a nutshell: that’s what I personally love about sailing.

Mortiz, 15.