Returning the boat

Urk -> Enkhuizen

Thursday morning we left the harbor very late, because the kitchen sink drain was congested.

Our last sail tour to Enkhuizen was very short. When we arrived at the port in Enkhuizen, I had to bring the returnable bottles to the supermarket, after that I was eating at McDonald’s. In Enkhuizen was funfair with horse race and much more, that’s why there was a big firework near our applying place. We had a great view.



Enkhuizen is the port of registry of our sailing ship, the ‘Radboud’, and the home of our skipper’s family. The local community is situatedin the west of the Ijsselmeer near the Markerwaarddjik, a dam in the south of the Ijsselmeer.About 18.500 people live in Enkhuizen. The most popular building is the Drommedaris, a weir gate from the year 1540. Other well-knownbuildings include the churches Zuiderkerk and Westerkerk.

Florian, 15DSC09970

The trip to the Netherlands


On our first day, a Sunday morning in September, we met to start our journey. We needed to get up quiet early to catch the our bus. This was very unusual for me because I like to sleep in on Sundays. Mr Fässler told us to be at the meeting point, which was in front of our school, at 10:30 a.m. When I arrived, the bus was already there, next to it were my classmated, their parents and our form teachers Mr Fässler and Mrs Müller. After we had put our luaggage in the trunk of the bus, we said goodbye to our parents and got on the bus. The bus wasn’t very luxurious. It was very cramped and we didn’t have a lot o personal space. There was also a grid from an air-conditioning unit that flapped around. Most of us watched movies on their smartphone or table or listened to music. Some slept.


After a few hours of travel, we took a brake of 40 minutes at a gas station. We all went to the Burger King restaurant, which was next to it, after that we started driving again. We arrived at Enkhuizen, a port in the Netherlands aroud eight o’clock. After everyone had got their luggage out of the trunk, we started walking towards the ship, a 50-meter three master called Radboud. We got on board and after a few minutes of confusion everyone found their room, the girls in the back of the ship and the boys in thefront. I had two roommated, but some others had more. Then we went upstairs and met our captain Mr Prins and the mate Nico. The captain gave us saftey instructions for the boat. After we had listened carefully to the captain we were told to go to bed. My roommates and I couldn’t fall asleep right away, because we were talking about our trip to Enkhuizen.

Florian, 15

day 4

Urk – Enkhuizen


On our third day we got up early and began our day in Urk. Later we all had breakfast and prepared our lunch, then we started making the Radboud ready to go sailing. Like every other day, we first had to put the covers from the sails. After that, we had to pull up the sail, which is attached to the mast. Two of us steadied the mast while the sail was bing hoisted. This process ahs to be done about four times until we were finally ready to leave the harbout. To get out of our pier and reach the wide Ijsselmeer, the sailing boat used a motor.


When we reached the open sea, there was just a little breeze and we hadn’t much work. But hten the wind got harder and we had to pull on the ropes and change the position of the sails. In the meantime we mostly sat in the lounge, because we were not allowed to go to our rooms. While waiting for another turn (jibe), we foten played card games, most of the time the game called Uno. Apart from that we sat on the deck an ate our lunches, enjoyed the salty sea breeze and got a bit tanned. Some of us eben got a sunburn. Unfortunately, some students didn’t feel that well the whole sailing trip and spent the day in their cabin. When we reached the harbour of Enkhuizen, we had to put the sails down. Because it had been the third time, the crew now knew to hancle the situation well and we quickly got to the port. Wen we were in our landing stage, we had to put the covers on the sail. For that day  our work was done and we were allowed to go and explore Enkhuizen.


Emilia 15

day 3

Our day started in Medemblik, Netherlands, where Alex, Simon and Me went to the supermarket Spar on the mainstreet, wehere we bought some food like parmesan, bread, eggs or other stuff like milk or a lighter. Wbought the lighter for our gas stove. Mr Fässler had forgotten a lilghter and so he used Timon’s lighter everytime. After we had bought everything, we returned with a cart, which I borrowed from the supermarket. We brought everything to the kitchen where some other classmates waited for us. While we arrived, Mr Fässler was on the way to buy some medicine, because a girl was ill. Before we left Medemblik, all of us had some freetime. Simon, Baturay and I went back to the supermarket and returned the cart. Alex and Peter waited for me on the boat and later we went to a playground to take some pictures and have some fun. Later, we set sails and went to sea.


At 13.15 we arrived and the captain told us something about Lemmer, wehere the city is or some supermarkets. Alex, Peter, Pascal an me went to Lidl first, where we bought something to drink. After that we went downtown. I was searching for shorts and so we visited literally every store but seemingly all the shorts were sold out. But then I fount one. We sat down on a bench in front of the river. We met other classmates which bought some ice-cream and everone had one. Before we met the others, Alex bought a new bluetooth loudspeaker and went back to the boat. There, everyone was so excited about the speaker, that half the class bought one, too. After us, our teacher arrived, but he couldn’t open the door to the boat, because Mrs Müller had them. But I had the glorious idea to ask the captain for a key and he had on, so we could enter. The girls, Mr Fässler, Mortiz and I prepared dinner. Spaghetti carbonara where on today’s menue. Mr Fässler added a “little” bit too much pepper and so the food was a little bit too hot. Thank you for that, Mr Fässler. After that, the boys played cards like ever other day. So everone had his sparetime. The gilrs, moritz and me went to the playground at Lemmer, where we played Truth or Dare till it was 11 o’clock. Mr Fässler had to look for us, but he found us. Later everybody played cards. And so ended the third day in the Netherlands.


Abel, 15.



Our first stop on our cruise was the harbour Medemblik. It was the nicest stop. When we were just before Medemblik almost all wanted to swim because the weather was very nice. That’s why we stopped shortly before the island and jumped into the much too cold water. We arrived a little later, I guess at 14 o’clock. After we had unrigged the boat, we arrived at the harbour and saw the big crowd. On Medemblik it was a kind of church anniversary with booths, horrible music and many drunken people. So we didn´t think, and jumped into the jungle and explored the beautiful little town. There were really nice houses, with much nicer doors. Fascinated, we visited everything. I discovered a carousel and my friends wanted to it immediately, because it was not a normal carousel. The seats consisted of four movable steel cables and a board out of wood, in which you had to sit down and then you were turned around by two employees while you flew through the air. 

Mia and Ida rode three times on the day with the carusell, which was  2.50 $ per ride. After that, we were in another shop that called itself a fun house. But that was not really fun and then we took a look at the island and took pictures. We passed two men made of metal and took the chance to climb on the two and made a photo shoot. 

Later we noticed that on the island was also a railway and a horse race which we watched a bit. We also noticed that the people there are very open. They immediately recognized us as Germans, even ifeven if we did not say anything; they always said „oh German“ – we were very surprised. There were also many cats we all caressed and many people had horse figures  – apparently this horse race was very popular. We returned to the ship about 5pm and helped with the dinner. It was Asian vegetables, that we ate at 7pm. It tasted delicious. 

Later in the evening, we went around a bit and Mia had the whole time a catchy tune. The song called „In my feelings“ so then she began singing the song with the word „Kiki“ . About 10 meters away from us were still other young people, who sang „do you love me“ loudly back and then we delivered a singbattle.  Since then we called them the Kiki gang. We went a bit to the party people and because it was already night it smelled of alcohol. 

At some point, we looked for a bench and talked a bit. But then Ida saw a great striped cat and we all looked at it.  Ida touched the paws of the cat, which hissed and we almost had a heart attack, because we were so scared of famous cat. After this blatant incident, we slowly went back to the ship and hung out on deck and suddenly there were fireworks. Great. It took about 10 minutes, and was really nice. Then Florian played a bit on his trumpet and a group of people stopped to see who`s playing. The only one who did not like that was Fabi.  He had to clean the kitchen and freaked out because Florian still played on, although he stormed up from the kitchen and complained loudly about the music. We finally went to bed and agreed that, it had been a nice day.

One day in Urk

Netherlands – One day in Urk

When my friends and I got out of your ship for 6 days, the Radboud, we first saw the little wall. It separated us from the Ijsselmeer and protexted us from it’s strong wind. Seven o us went, with the help of our navigation, in the direction of the small city.

We discovered many creepy dools, as well as a children’s shop with the name “Annabell”. Urk was almost deserted and a few girls were a little frightend.


In the centre we met other classmates. Together we decided to walk along the way to the stony beach. But not without stops. I bought my mum a little birthday present, someone else bought his sister a bag and so on. Arriving at the beach, some boys went swimming and we girls took photos of us.


In the early evening we went back to the ship. We were even punctual, in contrast to the teachers who were half an hour late.


Anne, 15


Monday, September 17, 2018:  Medemblik

Our first evening started with dinner on the ship. After dinner my friends and I decided to explore the harbor. There were many other school classes and we quickly found new friends. In Medemblik was a festival. We took a ride on the carousel and had a lot of fun. There was also a horse race in the city. That was very interesting. A band played loud music and all the people danced. A lot of alcohol was served – but not for us, because you can only drink alcohol from the age of 18 in the Netherlands. The port of Medemblik is very beautiful at night and we enjoyed the evening on the shore. We watched the sunset and took a lot of funny pictures. When we got back on board a fireworks suddenly started. We were all very surprised. The fireworks were amazing! We went to bed very tired. All in all it was a beautiful day and we were looking forward to the week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018: Lemmer

After dinner we first listened to some music together. Then we went to a supermarket and bought iced tea. We had a lot of fun and tasted foreign food. After our shopping trip we went to a playground. We had a entertaining evening and we came back on board late.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018: Urk

As every evening we had dinner together. Later we played cards. After that we decided to go for a walk in Urk. On our way we passed a lighthouse. It was already dark and we sat down on a bench. This evening was very windy. The wind blew away all clouds and therefore we could see many stars in the sky. When the night got too cold, we went back on board and talked about the great day until late at night.

Thursday, September 20, 2018: Enkhuizen

On our last evening we sat on deck and played the card game „Uno“ after dinner. At nine o’clock a fireworks started again. We were very happy and had a great view. The lights reflected on the water. That was a beautiful sight. What a parting gift for our class trip! After the fireworks we went to bed, because we had to get up very early the next day.

Mia, 15 years, class 10 A