day 4

Urk – Enkhuizen


On our third day we got up early and began our day in Urk. Later we all had breakfast and prepared our lunch, then we started making the Radboud ready to go sailing. Like every other day, we first had to put the covers from the sails. After that, we had to pull up the sail, which is attached to the mast. Two of us steadied the mast while the sail was bing hoisted. This process ahs to be done about four times until we were finally ready to leave the harbout. To get out of our pier and reach the wide Ijsselmeer, the sailing boat used a motor.


When we reached the open sea, there was just a little breeze and we hadn’t much work. But hten the wind got harder and we had to pull on the ropes and change the position of the sails. In the meantime we mostly sat in the lounge, because we were not allowed to go to our rooms. While waiting for another turn (jibe), we foten played card games, most of the time the game called Uno. Apart from that we sat on the deck an ate our lunches, enjoyed the salty sea breeze and got a bit tanned. Some of us eben got a sunburn. Unfortunately, some students didn’t feel that well the whole sailing trip and spent the day in their cabin. When we reached the harbour of Enkhuizen, we had to put the sails down. Because it had been the third time, the crew now knew to hancle the situation well and we quickly got to the port. Wen we were in our landing stage, we had to put the covers on the sail. For that day  our work was done and we were allowed to go and explore Enkhuizen.


Emilia 15

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