Radboud Open

It was on a Wednesday afternoon on the third day on the Radboud and we were in Lemmer. Yesterday some of us had trained for the “Radboud Open” – little fun competition. Our teacher had installed `rock rings´ on the boom, mobile climbing holds on ropes and we had to do pull-ups on them, followed by push-up on the ground.


At 5 o`clock everybody was on board, ready to watch how our classmate were batteling for the win. The boys began and then the girls. Everybody pulled and pushed as hard as possible, because the price  was a not-washing-up voucher.


The best of the boys did more than 20 pull-ups (which counted twice) and over 40 pull-ups. Sadly, only two girls participated, but Ida did more push-ups than the boys. What a shame!


In the evening, the winners had all the glory and extra free-time, while the others had to clean the dirty dishes. The next morning, however, the winners also had very sore muscles.


Peter, 16

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