a fantastic day

On our sailingtrip to the Netherlands we took a bath in IJsselmeer. On our first day on the ship we had a lot of fun and some students of my class asked the skipper if he could stop the ship and drop the anchor. We wanted to jump from the ship into the cold sea. Luckily our captain said yes and he stopped the ship. Our maat Nico lowered a ladder from the ship  into the sea so we could climb back onto the ship. A few minuts later, the first boay jump into the water and cried: “The water is freezing. I’m ice.” But more boys wanted to go into the cold water and after 10 minutes the first girls came on to the deck, beceause they wanted to jump into the water, too.

In the end, our teacher didn’t want to be a looser and also jumped into the water; Yeah, we had a lot fo fun. Even one girl, who had been worried that her now would bleed from the cold water,  gave it a go and jumped. And of cours her nose didn’t bleed and she could laugh at herslef. Yes, that was our fantastic Monday where our class jumped from our ship into the cold sea – a day we’ll all remember.

Raphael, 16

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