Cloe and Amanda

On our trip were many spiders. Especially in our cabins. They weren’t very pretty. They had a big body with long, thin legs and they were brown or black and some had white stripes. We gave the spiders names, to make them more friendly. We had two horrible experiences with spiders. For example, there was a spider in one of our cabins. She came in over night, because we had the window open. She hung inside our window and stayed there. When my friend and me woke up in the morning, we ran outside the room. Both of us were very nervours and afraid, that the spider coud go in our luggage. But Mr Fässler, our teacher, told us to calm down and he walked straight in our room and put the spider away. After that, we called the spider Cloe. Thanks to our teacher we could sleep well the other days, without ugly spiders in our room.

A girl in our class had another horrible experience. We were all sitting close together when suddnely on of us began to scream “OMG, I guess I’ve got a spider on my back. Please take her away.” Everone was scared. But in the end she survived and we put the spider away.  After that we called her Amanda. All of us were scared to sit there again, but it hasn’t stopped us. Because we have always been together,  so we could help each other. It took our fear away, because we knew there always was a helping hand. The good new is that everything went find and no one died because of the horrible spiders.

And if you meet Cloe or Amanda, tell them Hi.

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